About us

About us: Feedland Group LLC is Russian distributor of feed additives produced by the leading European companies  BASF, ADDCON. Established in 2000 in Russia the company has gained one of the leading positions on market of hi-tech compounds for feed mill industry. Feedland Group business is based on optimal quality-price ratio and proposes a comprehensive approach to modern agricultural business challenges. The benefit of customers’ confidence achieved by professional consulting and highest quality logistic services is company’s main feature.  Being a progressive company, Feedland Group follows national agricultural market tendencies and expands the range of products suitable for Russian customers.

Feedland Group staff members form an effective team of experts in nutrition, reproduction, animal and poultry breeding, providing high quality pre and after sales consulting services to their clients.

Key activities: Feedland Group is authorized distributor of European feed additives throughout the Russian Federation dealing primarily in two main areas: poultry and pig breeding. Main products: enzymes, carotenoids, feed flavors, antioxidants and growth promoters, acidifiers and mold inhibitors.

Range of products: currently Feedland Group offers more than 30 items of high quality products, such as NATUPHOS® brand enzymes (composition and concentration varies), NATUGRAIN® TS; carotenoids LUCANTIN® (Red, Yellow, Pink); feed B-carotene 10% LUCAROTIN® by BASF;

Growth promoter with antibacterial effect FORMI® NDF, feed preservatives and acidifiers (in powder and liquid forms) by ADDCON.

Area of Distribution: Feedland Group works with the largest Russian pig and poultry manufacturers, vertically integrated companies, feed mills and premixes producers. The company successfully develops dealership network which provides in time product supply to medium and small enterprises with lowest expenses possible. The company has its own sales representatives in all regions of Russia: Ural, Siberia, Northern Caucasus, Volga region, North-Western and Central Black Earth regions.

Looking into future: Feedland Group plans to expand product portfolio and to find new trade areas, to use creative potential of its team in full scale, to develop consulting division and logistics complex in order to maintain the highest service level for the customers.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company, send your proposal via e-mail: info@feedland.ru